Best car battery for hot weather

Hot weather car battery

Car Battery Delivery Johor BahruThere are several variables that determine the price of a car battery. Things such as group size, cold cranking amps as well as other factors will always affect the price. Below we’ll will outline some of these factors and what you can expect to pay for your car battery.

Generally, the typical price of a car battery starts at around $50 and can go up to as much as $190, or even more if you want the top brand of a deep cycle car battery.

Can heat affect car starting

Here are other important facts on prices of a car battery:

If you buy from a discount retailer, a low-end auto battery will cost you as little as $50 or even less.
Since the size of a battery (also called as “group size”) significantly affects the cost, you have to check first the exact size your car requires to know how much money you have to set aside before going to the store.

The common sizes of car batteries are 24, 65, and 75. If you need a normal sized battery, you can purchase one in the $100 range. Uncommon group sizes can be bought for $150 or more.

Warranty period also plays a considerable role in determining the price of car batteries. If you purchase a battery with a 3 year warranty period, it would mean that the battery will cost more but you will be assured of a higher quality construction compared to a battery that comes with 1 year warranty and less quality components.

A high-end car battery will run from $190 to $400 usually with professional installation fees included in the package.

Types of Car Batteries

When setting a budget for a new battery, you have also to consider the specific types you need. Three of the more popular types being bought today by consumers are:

  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Shallow cycle batteries
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Lead-acid batteries

These batteries are for automotive use and much widely used today by many motorists. This is a typical flooded cell battery utilizing liquid electrolyte. Lead-acid batteries range from $45 to $60.

Shallow cycle batteries

This is a more reliable type of car battery that is more preferred by savvy car owners. It delivers a quick burst of electricity to start an engine. Motorists who are driving heavy duty cars are using shallow cycle batteries. You can buy this type in the $90 to $170 range.

Deep cycle batteries

This particular type of battery is designed for prolonged electrical use. Deep cycle batteries are also being used in other engines aside from cars. They also have a longer lifespan or a much greater capacity to survive more cycles of charging and discharging. The price runs from $100 to $400.

Hopefully this basic guide to the price of car batteries can help you when buying the right battery for your car. Just be sure to do some research and compare prices with other retailers before making a purchase.

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