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Get A Replacement Battery in Just A Call with Providing Your Car Model. We’ll Recommend Best Car Battery Available. We are available at Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.

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Car Battery Price Johor Bahru

We Deliver

Car battery delivery service. If your car can't start and your car battery is more than one year old, you might be facing a flat car battery. No worry, call us now, we'll delivery it in just minutes away.

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We Check

We perform a complete car battery Inspection. Examine the battery case. Examine the brackets. Check the battery terminals and posts for signs of corrosion. We had more than 6 years experience in automotive battery.

Car Battery Delivery Johor Bahru

We Install

Installing your replacement car battery will be an hassle. We help to install your flat car battery in no time. We are professionally trained staff.

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Amaron Battery

Made in India

Free maintenance

12 - 18 months

Life span up to 2 years

varta Car Battery Delivery Johor


Varta Battery

Made Germany & Korea

Free maintenance

12 months warranty

Life span up to 2 years



Motolite Heavy Duty ( Century )

Made in Malaysia

12 months warranty

Free maintenance

Life span up to 2 years

Century Car Battery Delivery Johor


Century Battery

Made in Malaysia

Free maintenance

12 months warranty

Life span up to 2 years


Banner AGM Battery

Made in Austria

Free maintenance

24 months warranty

BMW, Audi, Mercedes

Car Battery Shop in JB

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Delivery in 30 Minutes  

RV Battery delivery is the fastest way to get a car battery delivered and installed for you.

We provide car battery delivery & replacement service in Johor Bahru Masai, Pasir Gudang, Ulu Tiram, Johor Jaya, Mount Austin, Taman Pelangi, Taman Daya & most southern region of peninsular Malaysia.

High Quality Battery with Affordable Price

Choose from different brands with a budget especially Amaron & Varta, mid and premium range with various warranties.

Amaron Car Battery with Delivery & Install in Johor Bahru‎

Low Price Car Battery Replacement Service

RV Battery Shop is an expert car battery delivery specialist company in Malaysia. Our vision is to furnish the best battery quality with the most moderate cost.

We are resolved to give successful technique, quick fixes, handy help and after sales service care for clients through on the web or in shop.

Car battery problem? Vehicle breakdown and searching for critical fix? Look no other than us who gives 24 hours car battery on-call replacement or delivery.

Call us for emergency car battery delivery - available areas:

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An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle. Its main purpose is to feed the starter, which starts the engine. Once the engine is running, power for the car's electrical systems is supplied by the alternator.

Typically, starting uses less than three percent of the battery capacity. For this reason, automotive batteries are designed to deliver maximum current for a short period of time. They are sometimes referred to as "SLI batteries" for this reason, for Starting, Lighting, and Ignition. SLI batteries are not designed for deep discharging, and a full discharge can reduce the battery's lifespan. As well as starting the engine, an SLI battery supplies the extra power necessary when the vehicle's electrical requirements exceed the supply from the charging system. It is also a stabilizer, evening out potentially damaging voltage spikes. While the engine is running, most of the power is provided by the alternator, which includes a voltage regulator to keep the output between 13.5 and 14.5 V. Modern SLI batteries are lead-acid type, using six series-connected cells to provide a nominal 12 volt system (in most passenger vehicles and light trucks), or twelve cells for a 24 volt system in heavy trucks or earth-moving equipment.

Early cars did not have batteries, as their electrical systems were limited. A bell was used instead of an electric horn, headlights were gas-powered, and the engine was started with a crank. Car batteries became widely used around 1920 as cars became equipped with electric starters. The sealed battery, which did not require refilling, was invented in 1971.The first starting and charging systems were designed to be 6-volt and positive-ground systems, with the vehicle's chassis directly connected to the positive battery terminal. Today, almost all road vehicles have a negative ground system. The negative battery terminal is connected to the car's chassis.The Hudson Motor Car Company was the first to use a standardized battery in 1918 when they started using Battery Council International batteries. BCI is the organization that sets the dimensional standards for batteries.

Cars used a 6 V electrical systems and batteries until the mid-1950s. The changeover from 6 to 12 V happened when bigger engines with higher compression ratios required more electrical power to start.[Smaller cars, which required less power to start stayed with 6 V longer, for example the Volkswagen Beetle in the mid-1960s and the Citroën 2CV in 1970.In the 1990s a 42V electrical system standard was proposed. It was intended to allow more powerful electrically driven accessories, and lighter automobile wiring harnesses. The availability of higher-efficiency motors, new wiring techniques, and digital controls, and a focus on hybrid vehicle systems that use high-voltage starter/generators have largely eliminated the push for switching the main automotive voltages.

Amaron Battery

The Amara Raja Group is an India-based multinational company[citation needed] which is headquartered in Tirupati. The group has a presence in the automotive battery business, packaged foods and beverages, electronics products manufacturing, infrastructure sector, power system production and fabrication of sheet metal products and fasteners. Amaron Battery Malaysia The Amara Raja Group is known for its automotive battery brand Amaron, the second largest selling automotive battery brand in India after Exide Industries. Amara Raja Group employs a work force of over 15750 employees. Amara Raja Batteries was named on Asia's 'Best Under A Billion' 2010 list of companies compiled by Forbes magazine.

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RV Car Battery Delivery Expert Service Shop in Malaysia

RV Car Battery Delivery Expert Service Shop in Malaysia & Car battery delivery and installation specialist, available in Klang Valley,

Johor Bahru. AMARON, VARTA, CENTURY car batteries

We offer Onsite Car Battery Replacement services at the best prices.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals strategically in Johor Bahru / Selangor

Service Area :

Johor Bahru


Ulu Tiram

Pasir Gudang




Gelang Patah


Bukit indah

Mount Austin

Johor Jaya

With our experiences for onsite car battery replacement response, you can trust us to attend to any Car Battery Services you might need in the shortest possible time.

Our company has been in Car Battery Replacement Industry more than 10 years.

As our business grows we are careful to maintain the core principles of value and service.

We provide Express Delivery and Installation service in within 60mins. As we concern for our customers convenient, for our payment we accept ONLINE PAYMENT, CASH ON DELIVERY, after we got your car battery.

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Car Battery Delivery Specialist

We have a team of highly qualified professionals. with more than 6 years of experiences in wide variety of vehicles models, we can change car batteries for any kind of vehicles.

Car Jump Start Service

Car battery died? Jump start service for your car battery and get back on the roads now. We are available 365 Days.

Online Car Battery Delivery

Professional car battery replacement service. Fast & Affordable! Schedule an appointment online now.

Car Battery Installation

Want to replace car battery? Call or visit RV battery supplies for on-site auto assistance to replace your car battery.

Free Battery Checking

Full complete check to see if your battery is good to go. Call us now for a free full battery inspection.

Car Battery Service

On-site mobile car battery replacement. We are a reliable and fast car battery expert in Masai Johor.

Care & Maintenance

We take care of your car batteries. Call us for a direct assistance! Our staffs are professional trained.

Provides excellent car battery delivery service

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We Are Specialized in Car Batteries for Auto Brand Below
Car Battery Delivery Johor Bahru Malaysia

Car Battery Delivery Expert in Johor Bahru

A flat car battery is the most common cause of a vehicle breakdown. At RV Battery Supplies. we offer onsite car battery replacement services at the best prices with no hidden charges.

We stock a huge range of car batteries in our shop. We can have a battery delivered and installed within 60 minutes. This gives us the ability to deliver a great service with the fastest response. Call now!


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