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Car Battery – Types
Here are some of the most commonly used types of car battery to get us off to a start. These batteries covered should be all that you may encounter during your adventures with car batteries and car battery chargers. Thus they will also share some of the same car battery chargers, which is a boon for those that may find themselves switching to a different type of battery after investing in a charger for one type.

Flooded Battery

The first type of battery is or flooded battery. This battery type should be familiar to most anyone who has a bit of car mechanical savvy, for these should comprise a large percentage of the batteries encountered while performing this sort of work on you car. Therefore these should also be the easiest to find the appropriate car battery charger for. They contain a liquid sulphuric acid as the electrolyte, and this can be replenished with distilled water as the reactions lose water due to the generation of hydrogen and oxygen respectively.

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Sealed Battery

These are of the same design as the flooded batteries, but the cells are sealed so that water cannot evaporate, and there is no need to refill them.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid

The VRLA batteries are the same as the sealed batteries, although now there are special valves built into the battery to allow the escape of the hydrogen and oxygen. Far less common than as the flooded battery, these institute a process that allows much of the hydrogen and oxygen to catalysis to reduce or negate the loss of water.


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