Car battery problems and solutions

car battery shop johor bahruWe begin a series of articles answering frequently asked questions pertaining to car batteries. In this article, we will mainly look at addressing car battery leakage issues. We will list more than one possible car battery problems and solutions wherever applicable.

My car battery seems to be leaking fluids even though I have not overfilled it with water.


varta Car Battery Delivery JohorGet the overall charging system of the battery checked out by a certified mechanic as the reason for it could be that the alternator is overcharging the battery leading to the water boiling inside the battery and leaking out of it.
The battery may have a cracked casing.

You can try to investigate this yourself but make sure you wear protective clothing and gear before you do so. If you can’t find one, get it checked by a certified mechanic.
My car battery is leaking fluid out of the positive terminal


This is a frequent problem seen in GM cars with side-mounted battery posts as they sometimes leak through the terminal. It’s compounded by the bolt head on the cable stripping easily. Changing over to a normal top post battery with cables that have ends reaching long enough is a solution.

Amaron Car Battery Delivery Johor
This can also have to do with summertime heat. It’s because the acid inside the car battery expands due to the heat. Make sure you clean your terminal caps properly and fit them snugly on the post, then spread a bit of grease on the terminal clamps as this prevents oxidation and corrosion from it.
If my car battery is leaking acid, does it mean the battery has to be changed?


It primarily depends on where the acid is leaking from. If it’s only on the battery posts, it’s normal and can be cleaned with baking soda and hot water. However, if it is coming out from anywhere else, it could be due to a crack in the battery. In that case, a new car battery is definitely the way to go.
My dead car battery leaked fluid into the trunk of my car and now it smells bad. How do I clean it?


Motolite Car Battery Delivery JohorCover the affected area with baking soda and scrub it with a brush. Let it dry and then vacuum it. Do it over if needed and the next time, add enough water to make a paste out of the baking soda and scrub it. Then let it dry and vacuum again. This should remove the bad smells as baking soda neutralizes the acid.


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